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Manager- Paul Hodges

Paul Hodges has managed the Annerley Community Bookshop since 2004.

"Hi there - thanks for stopping by, 

I've had a long and very fortunate career run with literature, having worked in book selling and/or publishing for almost 40 years now, so it's a subject pretty close to my heart, but these days, for me, it's not so much about the authors and titles but more about the people I work with.

We're incredibly lucky with our 40 to 50 strong extended family of amazing volunteers and each one of them is a truely interesting person with an individual story and unique life experience and skill set.  

This is a very special workplace, a truely eclectic collection of books and people in a unique, self-steering, negotiated, collegiate environment - how lucky are we?

My personal belief is that no-one is good at everything - but everyone is good at something - part of my task as manager is to catch people doing something well, and then build on it.

Outside work I have a bedside table groaning under the weight of all the books I'm gonna read 'one day'. I have 4 adult children - who still keep me on my toes, a long suffering wife of 35 years (who hasn't seen my toes for years) and my weekends are spent with the alpacas, mini-horses, (who keep stomping on my toes) ducks and chooks on our little farm in the Somerset region of Minden.

One of the great joys of running a second-hand bookshop, is the serendipitous nature of your reading. I prefer to read the unknown and un-applauded.

As Haruki Murakami (author of Norwegian Wood) said "If you only read the books that eveyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking"

So come on down, you never know what treasure you might find lurking on our shelves, or how the simple act of  reading it, might improve your day..................... and it might just alter the way you live your life".